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10 November 2020 | online

2020 is an extraordinary year that shakes up priorities and turns traditional patterns upside down. But being flexible is also a prerequisite for innovation. Change is the only constant, and as universities of science and technology, embracing change is in our DNA.

We cordially invite you to explore with us ways to turn the current challenges into an opportunity to gain momentum. A chance to innovate together, learn from each other, and jointly design a resilient Europe that emerges stronger from the crisis.

Systemic change

Systemic Change

The current pandemic has affected our daily lives, our economy, our educational system, our whole society. Processes and mindsets had to be adapted fast. Within a few months, it has exposed the strengths and weaknesses of modern society.

What can we learn from this? How can we make our systems more resilient for future crises? How can we use the opportunities this forced transition provides us to achieve a systemic change we have been struggling to bring about in the past? And who is in the driving seat?



Small enterprises are the backbone of the European economy. Innovation is the key to their survival, as is listening to the needs of society. Starting a business means playing at high stakes, all the more in times when the world economy is crumbling down.

At the same time, the pandemic shakes up traditional structures and opens unexpected opportunities. How can we support young entrepreneurs to survive and utilise the current crisis? And which role do citizens play in this endeavour?

European Green Deal
Technological sovereignty

Technological sovereignty

The world has gone digital with breathtaking speed. While this has been working out well in some areas, others are still searching to find their way in the COVID-19 age. It also has become very clear that Europe depends critically on non-European solutions, especially with regard to digitalisation.

In order to make Europe more resilient, we need to gain technological sovereignty. Let’s discuss what it takes to achieve this ambitious goal.