Technology for society

Are we getting it right?

10 November 2021
15:00-17:00 • live stream

In 2021, EuroTech Universities Alliance celebrates its 10th anniversary. Following the anniversary slogan “Empowering Society”, this year’s EuroTech High-level Event will explore the benefits of technology for society, but also its limitations. We look forward to engaging in a dialogue with citizens, policymakers, researchers, and YOU.

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Are we getting it right?

Societal needs are at the centre of our work but do we actually listen? What is the role of society in the innovation process? How do universities of science and technology come into play?What can be solved with the help of technology, what cannot and where does technology maybe even come with challenges itself? And how is this reflected in policymaking?

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And the winner is...

DirectFEM! Each year, the six EuroTech Universities invite up to 25 start-ups from their respective ecosystems to a 10-day journey through Europe. EuroTech’s European Venture Programme (EVP) is a unique opportunity for young start-ups to benefit from thematic workshops in venture creation, peer feedback, networking opportunities with local start-ups, companies, governmental and public organisations, technology experts, business coaches, VCs and more. DirectFEM, a start-up originating from Technical University of Munich, was one of them and won this year’s EVP competition. Meet them at our event!

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10 Years of EuroTech

What started as a bilateral partnership already back in 2006 has grown into a strong alliance of six leading universities of science and technology. In 2011, the EuroTech Universities Alliance was formally established. Since then, we have been developing solutions to the grand challenges of society together and will continue to do so.

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