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12 December 2019, TownHall Europe, Brussels

With its political leadership and policy priorities under review, Europe is at a crossroads in 2019. Pushing the frontiers of scientific knowledge and moderating technological progress is crucial in finding sustainable solutions to the major challenges which society is facing today. 

Education is key in fostering a future generation that can promote the smart, sustainable and socially acceptable use of new technologies. Recognising the role of young talent, the Commission president-elect gave a strong signal in the right direction when recently unveiling her plans to bring education, research and innovation under one roof. 

Coinciding with the arrival of the new Commissioners and the EU’s discussion on future policy priorities, our event will stimulate a timely debate on the potential of future engineering science and education – and the implications for European policies and programmes.


About the alliance

The EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership of leading European universities of science and technology committed to excellence in research and jointly developing solutions to the grand challenges of society. The Alliance combines the complementary strengths of its partner universities to jointly achieve multi-scale initiatives of high impact to society and to industry. It engages with all societal actors to raise awareness on the opportunities offered by science and technology.

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TownHall Europe

TownHall Europe is a high-tech, contemporary space of 240m² boasting high-tech, innovative technology to connect Brussels to the rest of the world.

Situated a stone’s throw from the European institutions, this modern meeting space is a hub for cross-cutting debates and insightful discussions, bringing together citizens and world leaders.  

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